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The Adventures of Domboy
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Below are the 8 most recent journal entries recorded in domboy's LiveJournal:

Thursday, May 5th, 2005
12:29 am
After Swimming.
Today I was just hanging out at the house waiting for my roommates to get back so we could take some pictures. Just regular pictures, nothing to exciting. But then my Kitten came in the door with her little punky friend. They tell me that their going swimming and that I should come with them. I was board of playing Playstation so I agreed to come with them. I hoped the fence to the pool and we were in. We hung out for a while bullshiting about work and how much we hate people...stuff like that. While my Kitten's friend was laying by the side of the pool getting some sun, my Kitten and I messed around. I ended up sticking my cock in her tight little pussy just for a second. That was fun. After the fun in the pool we went back to my place where the girls wanted to take showers. I was thinking to myself that this should be good because both my Kitten and her friend are into girls and eachother. So we went up to my room and I got dressed quickly and was combing my hair when the girls stripped down and ran into the shower together. Now this isn't a big shower so they were pressed up against eachother, which was fucking hot. I was just standing there in the bathroom listening to them giggle. My Kitten was giving me a little description of what was going on and when she said that they were washing eachother. I was like, "I want to see that". So I opened the shower door and got a nice little eye full of my Kitten soaping up her little friend's tits. I watched for a little bit and then went about my business. The water in the shower turns off and the two naked little girls are running around the room looking for their clothes. Now there wasn't any sex going on and that was fine with me because just seeing this was fun for me. Plus I'm sure that it has opened up the doorway for some new and exciting things on the horizon. I know my Kitten was talking to her little friend about playing with a strap-on sometime soon. I sure hope I could get some pictures of that. That would be some damn good stuff.

Current Mood: amused
Monday, March 28th, 2005
9:44 pm
My Kitten's little hole
This story happened a couple weeks ago when my Kitten was getting into the shower. I opened up the door and saw her wet soapy body. I told her to make sure that she washes her body like a good little Kitten does. She picked up her wash cloth and started rubbing the soap into it. I sat there for a little bit longer watching her wash her sweet little pussy. Then I went into the bedroom and waited for her. I had something on my mind that I've been wanting to do for sometime now and this night was the night I was planning on doing it. For a while now everytime that I have my Kitten bent over and I'm playing with her pussy and see her cute little ass right by my face. I wanted to just stick my tongue right inbetween those cute little cheeks and give her ass a nice lick. So that was my plan for the night. The shower turned off and my Kitten made her way out to the bedroom in her little white towel that was a little too small for her. She knew that we were going to fuck but she didn't know what I had planned for her before I got down to the business. I waited until she dried off and I laid her down in the bed playing with her body and running my hands all over it. I ordered her to turn over and she looked at me in a curious way and she could see in my face that I had something planned. As she turned over I told her what I've been wanting to do for sometime and I was playing with her pussy at the same time. My little Kitten was very interested in the idea I had told her about because no one had done that to her before. Kitten broke out the cinnamon flavored lube and started rubbing it into her pussy and into her little hole that I wanted to violate with my tongue. I started putting my fingers into her sweet pussy and just played with her like that until I couldn't take it anymore. Now this was also my first time licking anyones ass but all I knew was that I really wanted to do it. So I go my face down to her little hole and started to lick and flick her cute little hole as I still fingered her. I couldn't believe how hot this was getting me. I started stroking my cock as I was doing all this. My Kitten at first was trying to make sense of these new sensations that she was feeling. Then she started moaning like a good little Kitten. I was in heaven while I was licking her sweet ass and playing with her pussy. I couldn't take it anymore and I had to put my cock in her now before I blew my load as I was jerking off. I quickly stopped my licking and drove my rock hard cock into her dripping wet pussy. I couldn't believe how good everything felt now that I was able to live out my little fantasy with her ass. We fucked really hard and I took out my cock and blew my load all over her back. She was panting from cumming also. Now we don't do that all the time. Its reserved for a special night and time of my choosing. But I can't wait to do it again.

Current Mood: horny
Friday, December 10th, 2004
8:33 pm
title or description

Found this on another site and found it to be funny. In a morbid kind of way.
Wednesday, November 24th, 2004
2:26 am
Look what I found
I'm trying to get some ideas for new pictures. So I've been looking around and not too much has really caught my eye. I did find this picture on Suicide Girls and thought it was kind of interesting. Mainly because of the piercings through the back and on the waist. Didn't really give me any ideas for any new pictures. It did remind me of this idea for a coffee table book that my little Kitten wants to do. title or description
Friday, October 1st, 2004
2:09 am
title or description

I know this picture isn't on the same level with my little kitten's pictures but I still thought it looked cool.

Current Mood: artistic
Wednesday, September 8th, 2004
12:40 am
Kitchen Kitten
So my Kitten and I get back from the store and are unloading the food. She has to leave in a little while and I wanted to have her before she left but she wasn't really in the mood. My Kitten was hungry and so I broke out the bread that was hard as a rock from sitting in the freezer and cut some slices up for us. As we stood there in the kitchen I was giving her little bottom a couple hard smacks. She started to get that evil little smile on her face that I oh so love. The little Kitten went over to the kitchen counter and started to take off her jeans and panties. She hopped up onto the counter and spread her legs open to show me her little hairless pussy. She knows that I like to give her clit a tongue bath and that's exactly what I did. As I lick her hairless slit she starts to moan. I continue with this until I couldn't take it anymore. I take my hard cock out of my pants and show it to her. She knew what I want and hopped off the counter and quickly scampered over to the table. The toast comes up right as I start to go over to her. I put it back in as it is still a little frozen. I make my way back over to my little Kitten and I see that she has positioned herself to take it from behind using a chair for her knees and the table for her hands. I get behind her and slowly inch my cock into her tight little pussy. She moans in even more delight as my cock reaches the end of her lovely pussy. Slowly I start fucking her and then the bread comes up out of the toaster again. Neither of us even think about the bread as I fuck her wet little pussy. I love fucking her, seeing my cock disappear into her really gets me going. I pull out and tell her to roll over. She does and I put my hard cock back into her wet pussy. I start fucking her intensely and she starts moaning really loud. The sounds of the table moving across the wood floors syncs up with her moaning. I can feel my orgasm welling up inside as I start sucking on her tits that poke out from under her little t-shirt. My little Kitten starts breathing this short little gasps that almost make a whimpering noise as they leave her mouth. That's the sign that she's cumming all over my cock. I can feel her pussy squeeze my cock as if it's trying to milk the cum out of it. Right as she starts to finish I feel my cum starting well up in the spot deep inside of me. I know that I'm only a couple thrusts away from blowing my load. I pull my glistening cock out of my Kitten's hot pussy and start shooting my load. The first one lands up by the edge of her neck and then the rest coats her beautiful tits that still are poking from under her shirt. Slowly we clean up and make our way over to the bread that waits for us in the toaster.

Current Mood: satisfied
Saturday, August 28th, 2004
1:41 am
The Stairs
Thursday night my little kitten came over to my place to have some fun and to get punished for the bad things she has been doing. We were getting ready to watch a movie so our stomachs could settle from eating not to long ago. We are half way down the stairs on the landing when she stops and turns around. I could see from the look in her eyes that she wanted for me to come closer. She pulled me towards her and we started kissing and groping each other. She stopped for just a moment and I told her to turn around and face the wall. She started to turn slowly kind of unsure at first about what I was going to do. I then turned her around faster and got right behind her feeling her tits and working my hands down to the nice warm spot in between her legs. I then took off her pants so I could see those nice little thong panties that she was wearing. On my way up from pulling down her pants I started dragging my finger hard against the inside of her legs and up over her sweet ass. I did this all the way up to her breasts and the down to her now wet pussy. After a little more of this a took off those little panties and started playing with her little shaved pussy that was wet and ready. I took off my pants and started rubbing the head of my swollen cock against her wet pussy lips. Every once in a while I would give her little ass a nice hard spank, which would force out a nice little whimper. She started getting really excited and so was I. But this was all a tease just to get her all worked up. I stopped and pulled up my pants letting her just stand there for a moment so I could admire her sweet ass. Then I told her to pull up her pants. She did and we just went down stairs the rest of the way and watched a movie. Later in the night we finished what we had started. I think my little kitten wrote about it in her journal.

Current Mood: excited
Thursday, August 26th, 2004
1:58 am
"Keep playing..."
This story takes place a couple months ago when my slave and I were over at one of my friend's house. The reason we were over there this particular night was to play some Xbox with all these other people. The way it worked out was that the downstairs TV was already taken and the kitchen was full and my friends bedroom. The last thing left was my friends old roommates' room which still had some of there stuff in it. So we took that room and had it all to ourselves. We start playing some Xbox and a couple hours go by and my slave is sleeping all curled around me like a good kitten. She wakes up and starts rubbing her hand against my cock as I'm in the middle of playing a game. My slave has me lay on my back and she starts to un-zip my pants. My cock is hard as she pulls it out of my pants and puts it in her mouth. At this point I'm still able to play the game without anybody seeing a difference in the way I'm playing. But as any good slave she wanted to give me more. She was testing me I'm sure, just to see how much I could take. So then my little kitten starts to take off her pants and panties. She pulls my pants down to my ankles to full expose my cock that is craving her pussy. Of course at this point my interest in the game I'm playing starts to fade...rather quickly. My kitten gets on top of me slidding my cock into her very wet pussy. I was ready to put down the controller at that point and give her all my attention. But then she whispers into my ear, "Keep playing". I liked the idea of this so I kept playing as she rode me. My performance in the game really started to suffer and at some points I would put the controller down for a moment and started slamming her down into me. But then again came the, "Keep playing". I knew at this point she was having her fun with me and was very much in control. Then I stopped playing and got my kitten onto her back. I started fucking her hard, making her moan. After a little bit of that I could hear the people downstairs leaving to go home. I could give a shit at this point if they were leaving. My kitten and I just stayed up in the room fucking each other. I got my kitten on her hands and knees and started fucking her from behind, like the naughty kitten likes to get fucked. I stopped fucking her with my cock and started to use my fingers and play with myself as I did this. This was so hot that I really had to contain my self from blowing my cum all over the bed spread and her. We stopped before I had a chance to cum, which was my decision, went downstairs and told my friend sorry but my kitten had jumped me. He thought it was funny and had a little laugh. As we sat downstairs talking about what we had been doing I realized that the bed spread was my ex's. She was the old roommate they had. My kitten and I said that we should have cummed all over it, leaving her something nice. My kitten said to me we still can...

Current Mood: naughty
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